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July 13, 2011


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Scott Townsend

Glad to be of service!

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My partner and I have come up with an Idea for an internet startup and we`ve been spending a great deal of time on our future web design. Dr. David Cochran`s pointers are very useful.They gave us some food for thought. Thanks for the great post!

Joana Leighmoore

Web designing is one way of advertising products and services especially for small businesses. So congratulations on the creation of your new website.

website designer

This is an amazingly helpful post. Thank you for taking the time to write this up! Simple and concise article, with some really useful tips. Good job!

Web Development Houston

Both you have shared the informative thoughts about the small business lead generation.Make a LPO into your website for the customers.

Web Design Chatsworth

Impressive ideas and thoughts. It do help me a lot. It gained me more knowledge and understanding.

Internet Marketing Company

Cool. Seems like I'am a new in blogging. Congrats for making possible to create this blog. I am looking forward for more of your post here. Good Luck!

Account Deleted

That was nice info guys! We might try to work a reference to this one into the juggernaut web design blog later next week. This blog provide some basic knowledge about the web designing which can come handy.

Internet Marketing

To build a small business with web design you should have to work at local first. Then You can enlarge your business over the international. Hope these would help you a lot.

orange county tech support

I'm turning 18 soon and I want to start a small business designing and building websites for local small businesses. I have designed sites for friends and church. How do I start this small business? If anyone has done this, I'd greatly appreciate it. How do I host the site and domain names? I've looked into GoDaddy but wanted your opinion.

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